Rensselaer Alumni Hall of Fame

Conceived in 1995, the Rensselaer Alumni Hall of Fame was created to honor the past while celebrating all generations of Rensselaer pioneers. The inaugural class was inducted in September 1998. Etched glass windows have been placed centrally on the Rensselaer campus to commemorate their contributions.

Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Inducted October 2017

Three new members have been selected for induction into the Alumni Hall of Fame, bringing the total membership to 86. They include an expert in bridge engineering, a Panama Canal builder and a civil rights trailblazer. The 2017 class of inductees carries on the tradition of Rensselaer's distinguished legacy.

Alfred P. Boller
Harry H. Rousseau
Wesley A. Brown

Alfred P. Boller - Expert in Bridge Engineering (1840-1912)
Harry H. Rousseau - Panama Canal Builder (1870-1930)
Wesley A. Brown - Civil Rights Trailblazer (1927-2012)

Inducted October 2015

Lewis Gurley
William Gurley
Stephen Harris
William Klages
E. Trifon Laskaris
David Noble
John Schenck

Lewis E. Gurley - Manufacturers of Scientific Instruments (1826-1897)
William Gurley - Manufacturers of Scientific Instruments (1821-1887)
Stephen E. Harris - Pioneer in the Science of Light (1936-  )
William M. Klages - Lighting Designer (1927-  )
E. Trifon Laskaris - MRI Technology Innovator (1944-  )
David L. Noble - Inventor of the Floppy Disk (1918-2004)
John F. Schenck - MRI Pioneer (1939 -  )

Inducted October 2013

B. Jayant Baliga
Lewis B. Combs
Thomas W. Phelan Jr
Alfred Tredway White

B. Jayant Baliga - Power Electronics Innovator (1948 -  )
Lewis B. Combs - Co-founder of the Seabees (1895–1996)
Thomas W. Phelan Jr. - Dean, Historian, Counselor (1925–2006)
Alfred Tredway White - Pioneer in Housing Reform (1846-1921)