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The Guide is brought to you by the Environmental Studies Program at Rensselaer. It was originally intended to be both comprehensive and value-free. As a value-free space, we attempted to keep our values and beliefs out of the design process. As a comprehensive space, we attempted to include all information which bears on our environment.

Given the tremendous growth of resources available on the Internet, particularly via the World Wide Web (WWW), we have shifted our focus from being comprehensive to being intensive. As an intensive resource we will attempt to bring you the most comprehensive resources we can find on the subjects related to our environment.

We encourage resource owners to notify us of their work by sending email to environment@rpi.edu.

The Guide is currently undergoing major renovation work. During this time, you may encounter links and information which may be out of date. Please notify us of these and we will make all efforts to update such information. Your cooperation, patience and understanding during this effort is appreciated.

Thanks for using the Environment & Society Internet Resource Guide.

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