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Graduate Student Mathematical Modeling (GSMM) Camp

Mathematical Sciences Graduate Programs
Graduate Student Mathematical Modeling (GSMM) Camp

General Information and Objectives

Rensselaer’s Graduate Student Mathematical Modeling (GSMM) Camp is a 4-day workshop whose aim is graduate student education and career development directed towards modern scientific problem solving. The GSMM Camp is designed to promote a broad range of problem-solving skills, including mathematical modeling and analysis, scientific computation, and critical assessment of solutions. Problems will be brought to the Camp by invited faculty and industry mentors. These problems will be highly interdisciplinary in nature, inspired by real problems that arise in industrial applications. The work on the problems will be done by graduate student teams, each with the guidance of an invited mentor, so that scientific communication will be an important and integral component of the work. In this way, the GSMM Camp will expose graduate students to real-world problems of current scientific interest, and will provide a valuable educational and career-enhancing experience outside the traditional academic setting.

The GSMM Camp is designed to operate hand in hand with the annual Mathematical Problems in Industry (MPI) Workshop. The Camp runs during the week prior to the Workshop and the students and mentors attending the Camp are encouraged to attend the Workshop as well. In effect, the GSMM Camp provides an additional problem-solving experience for graduate students as a warm-up prior to the Workshop.

Camp Format and Location

The GSMM Camp is an informal 4-day problem-solving workshop. On the first day, the invited faculty mentors will present problems to the whole group. These problems, spanning a wide range of topics, will be chosen to exercise and enhance the problem-solving skills of the attending graduate students. After the initial problem presentations, the graduate students will break up into small groups, according to each student’s problem preference, to work in teams with the help of the faculty mentors. Work on the problems will proceed in an informal setting for the remainder of the Camp. On the last day, a summary presentation highlighting the work done will be given by a student representative from each team.

All activities of the Camp take place on the campus of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

GSMM Web Site* (program information and registration)


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