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All offices (faculty, grad students, secretarial) in the department have 100-BaseT connections to the campus optical fiber ethernet backbone. There is also a wireless network, reachable from all offices in math. For the graduate students there are six Sun Ultra 1/170 workstations, six Sun Sparcstation 5/170 workstations, and several Sun IPC machines. For larger jobs the department has a Sun Enterprise 3500 with four processors (336-MHz), 8-GB of RAM, and about 78-GB of disk. There are also several laserwriter printers.

There are several work stations located throughout the third and fourth floors of Amos Eaton that are for the use of members of the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Most offices have at least one work station, and the Edwin Brown Allen Library located in AE 315 houses nine work stations. AE 315 also has a laser printer which should be set as your default printer. Feel free to add paper to the printer should the red light indicate that there is a need for some.

Internal Guidelines:  In addition to Rensselaer rules pertaining to computer use and etiquette, the Math Sciences Department has some internal guidelines.

  •  Please be courteous towards your colleagues and if you are going to be away from your computer for more than 5-10 minutes, log off.  Make every effort not to tie up the machines with long running jobs during times when others may need the machines.  If you need to run a long job try to come in the evening.

  • Long running jobs should be submitted to NIC (Numerically Intensive Computing) cluster. For more information concerning NIC, see Batch Processing for NIC User.

  • There is a phone in the Math Library (x 2215). This phone is a lab phone, and it should not be used as a personal phone. Do not give the number out to your students. Tell family and friends it should be used sparingly. If the phone rings while you are in there, answer it, and take a message if it is not for you and send it by e-mail.

  • Any one wishing to do work has priority over those who are using the computers for entertainment. This includes surfing the web, playing games, and reading or writing personal e-mail. If the room is full and someone walks in, you should offer to log off if they need to work. Since the busy time for computer usage is between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., it is best to avoid entertainment use during this period.

  • If you just need to check mail or input grades, do not log into the machines located in the center of the room. Use the smaller, less powerful machines along the wall (or one in an graduate office). In general these work quite well for that type of computer work, leaving the larger machines free for more computer intensive work.

  • Obvious rules of cleanliness apply. Clean up after yourself, do not leave old cans and cups around, etc.  Please recycle all unwanted cover sheets, or, when printing from a Unix window, type lpr -h filename which prevents the printing of the cover sheet.

  • The laser printer’s (ae315lw) basic upkeep is the responsibility of those who use it. This means you must reload paper, check toner, etc. Extra paper and extra toner cartridge can be found under the printer table or in the copy room. See an staff member in AE 301 for instructions on changing the toner.

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