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Office Facilities

Main Office

The Department's main office is located in AE301. Against one wall are the mailboxes of all department personnel. Check your box daily for important information or distribution. Also in the main office is the department's copier, which is housed in its own room - mainly to dampen noise.

  • Because there is near certainty that you’ll need to make a copy at some time during your time here, you’ll need an access code. Ask a staff member in AE 301 for your access code.

  • If you need help in how to use the machine (i.e. how does one make slides?), then ask for help. Also in the main office is the FAX machine (276-4824 for incoming faxes). Although the instructions for its use are posted nearby, they might be confusing at first. If you have a question about its use ask the staff, who will be happy to help you out.

  • There are also other laser printers in the main office which can be accessed only during the hours of the main office (which is why the one in Amos Eaton 315 is recommended as your default printer).

Coffee Room

Located on the fourth floor of Amos Eaton is the coffee room. Feel free to use this room and its facilities:  a microwave oven, a refrigerator for short-term storage, and a coffee machine. This is the location of the pre-colloquium gathering where the refreshments are served. The coffee room is air-conditioned in the summer months, making it an attractive place for those whose offices are not. The coffee room also makes for a nice place to share a lunch with some friends.

Amos Eaton 315

In addition to the work stations mentioned above, AE 315 also houses a collection of mathematical works. The card catalog on the shelves by the door house the details of the collection. The sign-out forms for the books are located by the card catalog. The use of the library books is on an honor system.


The restrooms are located on the east end of Amos Eaton. For women, the facilities are on the first and third floor, and for men, they are on the second and fourth floors.


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